Welcome  TO  Ecc

We know that "church" isn't really a place - it's people. We are glad you're here, and we hope you stop by ECC's Life Enrichment Center on a Sunday or during the week.

Sundays start with Class Meeting at 10:30 AM, gathering to ask one simple question - How's your life in God? We practice this spiritual discipline seriously here at ECC, taking time to reflect on our responses over the past week to God's faithful presence in our lives. Meetings are co-Ed, and all are welcome to join in!  

Coffee, tea, and light snacks are available in the café area beginning at 11:30 AM, with time to hang out together and catch up on what's going in in each other's lives.

Sunday morning Praise & Worship service begins at 11:45 AM with contemporary music, community prayer, and a practical Bible-based sermon message that's relevant to everyday life. Holy Communion is served to everyone and anyone who comes forward to receive it - whether Christian or not, United Methodist or not - because we believe The Lord's Table is open to all. Service ends with a time of giving out of gratitude for God's faithfulness in our lives. 

Dress-up isn't required! Wear whatever you find comfortable. In sandals or shoes, skirts or shorts, jeans or suits, we're glad to see you here.

If you have young children, that's great! Some families keep children with them during service, while others use The Family Room, a safe and secure area that's just outside the worship space. We know every family is unique, and the best choice is what works for you.

If you have older children, they will enjoy time at Cornerstone Children's Ministry with interactive Bible lessons and hands-on activities. Youth also meet separately during service time to explore God's purpose for their lives through Scripture study and discussion.

Worship isn't the only thing we do! It's a great start, but there's more, so check out the Calendar for upcoming events, as well as opportunities to serve.

Community Dinner is a meal for the body & soul, for who-so-ever will come to the table, where-ever they happen to be in life. It's free, for all ages, and no advance reservation is necessary! 

Groups and Missions offer the opportunity to grow in faith and live more intentionally. Students in 6th -12th grades meet for break-out sessions on Scripture discussion that offer steps to know Jesus. And boys aged 11-17 can check out Scout Troop 442 to learn skills for living and leading in God's great outdoors.