Life transformation is hard work. And it's impossible to do alone.

If we really want to know Jesus, then we need other people to help us. Praise & Worship on Sunday morning is a great start, but we also need time to understand who Jesus is leading us to be, and that's time spent with a group around us. 

Groups are not therapy. They offer good, healthy discussion to understand what God teaches through Scripture and how to live it out. 

Groups are not all about us, but they are about us helping others grow in their relationship with Jesus, listening to someone share what's bothering them, challenging someone to live what they say, and celebrating the good in each others' lives. 

Meeting weekly at ECC'S Life Enrichment Center:

  • Class Meeting 10:30AM on Sundays (co-Ed), one simple question "How's your life in God?"
  • Men's group 7PM on Mondays
  • Women's group 7PM on Wednesdays (off site)

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