Christmas @ ECC

Advent season is the weeks leading up to Christmas where we look forward to Jesus' second coming by celebrating His birth. 

The good news isn't just from the past, and it's not just for the future. It's also now. 

The Holy Spirit is alive and active in our lives, drawing us closer to God and helping us join in God's plan to save the world. 

Come and see how the Spirit might be working in your life too!

december 2

scripture: Luke 1:11-22

is the holy spirit inviting you back into relationship with god?

december 9

scripture: luke 1 : 26 - 38

Is the holy spirit preparing you for something?

december 16

featuring ECC's bell Choir

scripture: Luke 1 : 67 - 80

is the holy spirit offering you a light in the darkness?

december 23

featuring ecc's cornerstone children

scripture: matthew 1 : 18 - 25

is the holy spirit reassuring you of the plans god has for you?

december 24

candlelight christmas eve service @ 6pm

scripture: luke 2 : 1 - 20

the holy spirit will complete the work god began in you