NOAH'S  ARK  Family  room

While you may love having little ones with you

during Sunday morning worship, sometimes

children need a break, get hungry, or want to move. 

Our Family Room is safely and securely set up

for you to care for your children, up to 3 years. 

And you can continue to be part of Praise & 

Worship through a real-time audio speaker.

Cornerstone  Children'S  MINISTRY

At ECC, we help children know Jesus through

fun, interactive Bible lessons for grades PreK-5. 

Our teachers are qualified, state-screened ECC

volunteers with joyful hearts for kids, 

and they receive regular training that ensures

their spiritual growth and maturity. 

Please register your child before service begins.

After praise and prayer time, children go to their

class, and they are released at the end of service.

And, of course, you may choose that your child

be released to receive Holy Communion with you.

Click here to contact

Cornerstone Children's Ministry.